Partnership with a property management company

Client Enquiry

  • To cover for the onsite customer support executives during the off office hours from 5 pm EST to 10 pm EST on weekdays


  • Without any prior customer support experience, proved the capability within a week and bagged the order to cover weekdays and weekend
  • Fulfilled an emergency support request within 30 minutes
  • Generated a partnership enquiry for a product development

Value Addition

  • Process set up for tracking and reporting
  • Process set up for smoother shift hand-over
  • Readiness to attend ad hoc coverage
  • Facilitated the creation of extensive training and SOP documents

Benefits to client

  • Freed up onsite customer support resources to enable them to focus on business development
  • Reduced support cost by 25%
  • Scaling up becomes easier

Client Testimony

  • Good morning! Yesterday Edwin told me that his weekend was much better as a result of your team’s support; he said that he was able to nearly completely disconnect, and that when he was asked something by the team, the team provided a recommendation or a sample response for him to edit or approve, which he said “made his life a lot easier”.

– Trent Hawthorne, COO