Partnership with a renewable energy company

Problem Statement

  • Sales reps usually enter their leads in the sales platform by their end of the day and request proposals for the next day early morning appointments. This was a stretch for the design team as they had to work extended hours often

Identification of opportunity

  • While analyzing the possibility of integrating the Solar Design tool with an application we were developing, the development team completed a simple solar design without any prior knowledge in solar design or the tool. This inspired the client to leverage our off shore resources to design and create proposals.


  • Without any prior solar design experience, within two weeks, the team was able to prove the capability to do simple to complex design and became part of the client’s design team
  • Quickly gained the client’s confidence and scaled up to 4 full time designers
  • No flaw found in any of the designs

Benefits to client

  • Freed up client’s designers that enabled them to focus on project installation and operations
  • Reduced solar design cost by 30%
  • Ramping up/down the resources was easily done within weeks
  • 24 hours design coverage

Value Addition

  • Process set up for handling the design requests without any overlap
  • Process set up for tracking and reporting
  • Process set up for smoother shift hand-over